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Unique designed and manufactured food-grade silicone mats and Crystal Lace Signature Blend for the manufacture of edible lace for the confectionery and wedding cake industry. Included in our range is ready made edible lace strips, edible diamonds, edible lustres, and so much more. Our recent addition to our range is a DIY silicone mould making kit for creative folk. Our company is all about supplying the cake couture industry, home baker and hobbyist with proudly South African products of a world class and unique nature.



The Blanc Canvas is just becoming South Africa’s leading crafter’s paradise. Our products are original & unique, keeping up with world trends in style and design.

From contemporary geo & modern sophistication to old style opulence & exuberance we continue to create the new & different.

Mesh stencils, unique impression mats, metallic paints and flexible stamps – we continue to grow our portfolio.



At Chocoholic Impact we make world-class handcrafted chocolate and sugar products for the corporate, gift, cake making, catering, wedding planners and other decorating industries. Each item is carefully created with attention to detail and finish. We are always on the look out for more and different items to add to our already stunning collections, and will continue to pursue this avenue henceforth.


With constant innovations in the areas of home/garden décor and an ever expanding portfolio of arts and crafts development training Stylish Cement proves to be a never ending cycle of creativity.

What was once the domain of the “masters of construction” has now diversified into the realms of imagination and wonder. Join the creative journey of Stylish Cement that not only showcases unique ready made cement masterpieces, but offers training for beginners to advanced crafters in the field of “showcase talent cement creations”. With no technical skills required Stylish Cement makes “simplicity appear as complexity”.

Welcome to our wonderland – where your future is cast in stone!!!

International Website

The Imagique Group serves as the international website for Crystal Candy and The Blanc Canvas products. This websites is based in USD as well in GBP for international sales. We courier with DHL internationally.

The Imagique Group was envisaged and created in the realms of imagination by our unique collective of individuals, dedication to excellence and a strong creative focus.

We have committed to providing exceptional service, creativity in multiple areas from Cake Décor to crafters delights and through to cement innovations.

From humble beginnings, experimenting in the chocolate decorations industry, we have now found ways to make our unique world leading items for a variety of businesses and varied interests

Now, some 30 years later the change in direction sees The Imagique Group incorporating Crystal Candy for cake décor requirements, The Blanc Canvas for crafters to expand their direction, Stylish Cement for outstanding cement creations and hands on classes, The Studio (which acts as the training center for all of the Crystal Candy and The Blanc Canvas products as well as general arts and crafts classes) as well as Chocoholic Impact which has a renowned reputation for corporate and specialized custom designed chocolate creations.

From concept stage to the finished product, all of The Imagique Group showcase products are authentic and unique, created by ourselves – manufactured by ourselves – supplied with pride to you.

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