Crystal Lace Icing has revolutionized the cake and confectionery industry. One of Crystal Candy’s Crystal Lace Signature Blend powder is the ability to create the most unique applications in decorative lace icing, one of which combines the whiteness and fine detail of icing (yet with a melt-on-the-tongue, not-so-over-sweet taste), the stretch of edible wrapping around cakes and flexibility in one innovative product. When set our lace can be cut with scissors and draped like fabric onto/around a cake or plated dessert. Now with the introduction of our Crystal Lace Signature blend those winning abilities are enhanced with new “Super Charged” features – the ability to make 3D creations, quicker drying time, longer flexibility and a greater ready made shelf life. No product is more versatile and able to make your cake decorations a simple breeze.

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